Attracting Younger Generations to the Industry Post-COVID

Truck drivers have been among the front-line responders to the pandemic, delivering medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and ensuring that store shelves across the country remained stocked with essential goods for consumers. With a national unemployment rate of 13.3% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), including furloughed employees and remote non-essential workers, the question “Does my job matter?” is raised.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 26.7% of nearly 2,000 respondents agreed with the statement, “I’m not considered essential or don’t think I am, but I’m still working. My work doesn’t feel particularly important or meaningful.” This pause has given Americans the occasion to reflect on their career and how exactly they want to make an impact on our country.

Most, if not all, of American Truckers are proud of the work they’re doing and realize the difference they are making to our economy while many non-essential workers are realizing that there are other, more impactful careers and are beginning to think of a career change. As a result of this shift in thinking, there is an increasing interest in trucking careers from people previously unfamiliar with the industry.

This gives fleets the opportunity to ask how their branding will draw new recruits to join our industry.

Here are three steps to consider:

Host informational video Q&A Events

This is an opportune time to connect with new drivers or people that are interested in the profession. Social media has made tools for effortlessly connecting with new prospects. For example, Facebook Live allows you to host real-time video sessions and give potential drivers the chance to learn more about the industry, your company, and the real impact they can make as a CDL A driver.

Re-evaluate your company value proposition

“Purpose” has been invoked by leaders and employees who say they want their careers to have meaning broader than the bottom line. Start by thinking about what your company has to offer as other forms of compensation: benefits, bonuses programs, loyalty incentives, other perks.  What type of freight do you haul? What is your driver retention rate? Showcase how your company has helped during the pandemic and the security that you bring to the workforce. See more on key steps to branding here.

Build a sense of community

If you haven’t now, then when will be the right time to build an online community? Utilize your social media pages as tools to connect with current drivers and new drivers. A content strategy is key in successfully developing an online community. For example, driver testimonials go a very long way in showing company value. Check out five steps to build your social media.

Now is the time to act as an industry to put trucking out to the mainstream as a viable, honorable career option for both those just entering the workforce and those changing careers.

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