Fleet Communication during COVID-19

The entry of the Coronavirus into the United States has upended life in America as we know it. Through all the resulting turmoil and uncertainty, the American Trucker has been honored as frontline, essential workers staying constant, reliable, and keeping America’s freight moving.

A silver lining to a world-wide pandemic is the global pause that has allowed companies to re-evaluate business processes and procedures. As the country begins to reopen, a new normal is on the horizon.  Now is a critical time to evaluate your fleet communication and your strategies to improve post-pandemic company culture.

Jackie McManus, our founder and CEO, is regularly featured on Road Dog Trucking’s, the Tim Ridley Show, and has the opportunity to discuss with professional drivers how their fleet is communicating during this time.

Here are key takeaways that fleets are implementing into their recruitment and retention strategies:

  • Build a Sense of Community

Communities are a source of resilience and support during both normal and challenging times. Every fleet should be engaging with their drivers like members of their own family. With most internal teams working remotely and truckers already remote workers, fleets have taken the time to strengthen carrier-driver report processes. Social media in particular is a pillar for connecting with drivers, creating information hubs where carriers can easily disperse important information to all of their drivers. Your online fleet community also shows potential new drivers how much you value your drivers and demonstrates that drivers are a part of the team and not just a number.

  • Develop Strong Communication

If there’s one element brought out by this crisis, it’s the humanity at the heart of companies. One of the fleets Jackie spoke to has developed daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics for driver communication. Every evening the entire fleet of 2,000 drivers, including the internal team, the carrier President sends out a video covering topics like updated accident reports, COVID-19 updates, freight reports, and company stats.

An example includes highlights of drivers whose families are facing tragedy from the Coronavirus and a public outpouring of support. This simple, daily video has received such amazing feedback that the carrier plans to continue the daily video after the pandemic subsides.

  • Transparency is Key

Before the pandemic, the number one reason for driver turnover was a lack of honesty and transparency from the carrier. During this time, reevaluate the cause of your driver turnover and take action to change. Being transparent, clear, concise, and showing empathy is critical. These steps, along with demonstrating openness to feedback and clarifying what the future looks like should be amongst your top priorities to build great employee satisfaction and trust.

One fleet has developed new metrics to ensure his company stays transparent through communication tools such as phone calls, emails, and social media. To quote one caller, “Just be open and transparent with us. These are scary times.”

At KJ Media, we understand the challenge of recruiting and retaining drivers during this unexpected pandemic situation. We are equipped and ready to help your fleet unify – Contact Us to retain your drivers during this time.

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