Get ROI on Facebook ADs

Welcome to Facebook Custom Audience and Custom Lookalikes. One potent tool toward increasing your advertising ROI is Custom Audiences, which allows you to create Facebook ADs specifically targeted to your recruitment drive. The other is Customer Lookalikes, which will allow you to grow your audience based on custom audiences dramatically.

How Does Custom Audience Work for Your Driver Vacancy?

It gives you the ability to use Facebook Ads to specific drivers who’ve interfaced with you online: those who’ve visited your website or shared particular types of contact information with you, for example, phone numbers and email addresses. Facebook then matches the file with profiles in its database and presents you with a Custom Audience set that can be used for AD targeting. With this tool, you can send a Facebook AD out to all your existing customers—or, conversely, exclude those customers to reach new ones with special deals and marketing campaigns to vastly improve your recruitment drive.

Custom Audiences are an excellent way to:

  • Lead people down the sales funnel

  • Retarget visitors to your sales page to increase conversions

  • Convert people who don’t open your emails

  • Recover lost customers

  • Build interests in your products or services

How Does Lookalikes Work?

This feature involves Facebook compiling users who are similar to your existing audiences so that you can target more people who are likely to be interested in your recruitment drive. This Lookalike Audience can be developed by jobseekers who’ve visited your website, signed up for an email newsletter, or current customers. You can also target based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors or any of the options Facebook provides.

You’ve often got a better chance at higher conversion rates and increased ROI on your advertising spend than with other targeting methods alone.

Custom Lookalikes are the ideal way to:

  • Increase conversion rate

  • Increase ROI

  • Target users that are more likely to buy

  • Increase Leads

For more information on these two methods, why not contact us today or call us at 800-620-9967?

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