How to Gain Insights from Truckers for Recruiting

According to the 2014 Pew Research Center, 87% of adults use the internet. Of that 87%, 71% of them use Facebook. What does this mean for you when recruiting truck drivers? It means that Facebook is crucial for not only educating and engaging drivers but also learning from them.

Knowing how to engage with these drivers effectually and meaningfully requires a solid understanding of them as an audience, what their social habits are, and what they are looking for in a company.

How do you gain insights from truckers to offer the best driver solution?

  • Utilize social listening tools. Both free and paid tools exist to understand better what is being said by the trucking community about their challenges, what they’re doing daily, what they’re looking for, and more. These social listening tools scan the public web (mostly consisting of social sites) and allow for an aggregated look at the conversations happening online.

  • Use your brand page or partner with driver community Facebook pages such as Trucking Gets Social to target and reach drivers strategically.

  • Use Facebook posts to ask specific questions that you wish to answer. You can opt to ask questions to your audience publicly, or you can get qualitative information by asking how drivers feel about a particular challenge, about what they want in a job and about what they need in a company.

  • Dive deeper by utilizing survey tools to post a link to a survey you create on Facebook. By using these tools and offering an incentive, such as an opportunity to win a small but meaningful prize – i.e. $50 gift card, drivers will be willing to answer multiple questions around a variety of topics. These tools offer aggregate easily-understood information.

  • If you have a Facebook page with drivers as fans, use Facebook Insights to understand a bit more about them and when they respond best. With Facebook Insights, you can find out more about the demographics of your audience – where they live, their age, gender etc. and understand which content they enjoy the most. By grasping more about who they are, you can better speak to them on social and understand how to enhance your scope for recruiting truck drivers.

Hundreds of major brands are turning to social media channels for insight over traditional research channels. By utilizing social media, you cut down the costs around research and insight and can reach your target market and understand them in much quicker and more affordable ways. Let us help you get there.

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