Marketing to the Mobile Trucker

With the rise of smartphone popularity and cellphone providers increasing their network reach, 95% of truck drivers now have smartphones, and 65% of them use their phones to search for new job opportunities. The rise of smartphones allows drivers to access job postings almost anytime, anywhere. Thus, recruiting truck drivers is changing from traditional methods such as Craigslist and online job forums to social media and email.

A drastic change from desktop computers, smartphone job seekers can view potential jobs when out on the road as well as at home.  This offers trucking and transportation companies increased opportunities to reach these drivers with job info and application–but how do you reach these truck drivers through their smartphone?

Thanks to the rise of smartphone usage, new types of marketing have also increased in popularity.  These include:

  • Social Media Management

  • Facebook Targeted Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Customized Driver Landing Pages

Social Media Management:

It’s a common practice to have a company Facebook page, but are you utilizing it when recruiting truck drivers and retain your drivers? Posting engaging content attracts potential drivers and posting driver appreciation content can help to retain your current drivers. Planning a monthly social media calendar is an easy way to organize your accounts and determine your strategy.

Another opportunity available for recruiting truck drivers is social media advertising.  Facebook has fine-tuned their advertising to appear as native content, meaning that ads blend into the newsfeed without disrupting the user experience.

Here at KJ Media, we have found Facebook advertising to be especially impactful when bringing in numbers of qualified applicants due to the viewer targeting capabilities.  Facebook Targeting Advertising means that advertisers can directly target their intended audience by geographic location, job titles, and interests. Trucking and transportation companies can easily focus on potential driver leads in their ideal area.

Email Marketing:

Due to email now being available anytime, anywhere, email marketing is particularly effective in introducing your job info to large amounts of drivers.  From the email itself, it’s simple to link to either a landing page or the actual job applications.

Customized Landing Pages:

So, you send out emails, post job openings on social media, and advertise to potential drivers – where does that send potential drivers? Customized Landing Pages are optimized to capture driver info for further follow up while presenting your company and brand.  Each landing page is tailored to your company’s specific hiring requirements, so you only receive qualified leads- saving you valuable time communicating with unqualified leads.

Design & Optimize for Mobile

Since most web users are on either smartphones or tablets vs desktop computers, make sure your website is optimized for mobile.  This means that your website can detect which device the viewer is using and adjust accordingly. Mobile websites are optimized for smaller screens and are often simpler than traditional desktop websites.

When linking to either your website or a custom landing page designed to capture job leads, truck drivers on a job hunt want to see a seamless, easy to use website or landing page.

Interested in reaching more truck drivers and gaining more success when recruiting truck drivers? Get in touch with KJ Media.

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