Recruit Drivers with Social Media

Social media is a new successful form of recruiting truck drivers. Its heightened popularity within the transportation industry is only increasing over time as Truckers spend more time on Facebook and Twitter as a social connection while on the road.

What do you do if you’re considering recruiting truck drivers via social media?

1. Start by establishing a meaningful presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Most B2B companies won’t ever sell anything from their Facebook pages, but they certainly can attract drivers. As the target segment for this effort is potential hires, make sure you show people why someone good would want to work at your company — happy faces, information about your strength and security, and useful job listings. Cross-posting job listings from other recruitment sites is also a great idea.

2. Build your audience by starting with friends. 

Ask your current drivers and employees to “like” the page. They won’t all do it, but it can get the ball rolling. Ask your vendors and customers too. Every recruiter knows that the best hires are a good cultural fit.

3. It’s all about the numbers!

The average Facebook member has 150 friends. If 100 people share the job listing, and even a few of their second-degree friends share it, you can reach many people who should easily understand your company and its culture. Finally, they’re accountable — when you have a personal connection to the company, you’re much more likely to be a good employee, rather than let down a friend.

4. Consider giveaways or referral bonuses if they match your culture. 

The Jobvite survey notes that roughly 2/3 (65 percent) of companies seek to increase employee participation in recruiting by offering referral bonuses; more than 1/3 offer rewards of more than $1,000.

If you’re planning a recruitment drive for qualified truck drivers, why not contact KJ Media or call us at 800-620-9967 to discuss how we can take your talent search to the next level.

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