The Millennial Workforce

Recruiting and retaining drivers continues to be a challenge within the industry as the driver shortage continues to grow. One way we can help to eliminate this problem is to put some focus on recruiting Millennials with a suitable driver solution.

Millennials represent more than one out of three American workers today. That number increases as the youngest members graduate or leave school. Millennials will surpass 46% of all U.S. workers by 2020 and are projected to surpass generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce: 53.5 Million people.

Millennials make up about 40% of the unemployed in the U.S., and student loan debt is estimated to be 56% higher than that of graduates a decade ago.

What drives their career decisions?

  • To feel appreciated for their contributions

  • To produce great work

  • To follow rules that make sense and have a purpose

  • To do work that isn’t mind-numbing

  • To find the job interesting

  • To have diversity in their daily work

Based on what drives the millennial career decisions, we need to get in front of this group and educate them on the benefits of being a truck driver and illustrate how their job as a trucker can help fulfill their career goals.

A career as a truck driver can offer Millennials a good, secure paying job while working independently. A driving job is hands-on and gives them the freedom of the open road. Most millennials do not like the idea of wearing a shirt and tie to work every day and prefer to avoid office politics. Trucking is in high demand and is a stable industry. Truckers move America, and without them, our economy would run into serious trouble. We need to relay that message to this generation.

As a truck driver, Millennials can see different faces and places every day and be able to work in various industries. A CDL driver with a clean driving record is invaluable, giving any Millennial a valuable career goal. Truck drivers are also able to obtain endorsements that would keep Millennials engaged and allow them to expand their knowledge.

How to Attract Millennial Drivers


  • Encourage timely, constructive communication

  • Be honest about what the job entails

  • Give feedback

    • How they’re doing

    • What to improve

  • Do more than just a single yearly performance

Give Recognition

  • Tell them when they’ve done great work

  • Be personal and sincere

  • Create a meaningful recognition experience

Have a vision and execute

  • Inspire Millennials with strong leadership

  • Explain their contributions toward achieving the company’s mission

Actively Manage

  • Keep them excited about day-to-day work

  • Offer development opportunities, such as mentorships that can help them achieve personal and professional growth

  • Tell them how their jobs fit into the bigger picture

  • Highlight the value of their roles

Keep Technology Updated

41% of Millennials prefer to communicate electronically at work instead of face to face or over the phone.

  • They routinely use their own technology at work

  • 75% believe access to technology makes them more productive at work

  • Many Millennials feel held back by rigid or outdated working styles

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