Three Must-Have Marketing Tactics for 2017

2016 saw a considerable increase in transportation companies embracing new marketing strategies, such as Content Marketing, to find and retain not only new business but also new truck drivers. With the rise of digital marketing and users becoming bombarded continuously with messaging, marketing is becoming more personalized and focused on attracting and retaining both the perfect customer and the ideal truck drivers.

The following three marketing tactics are 2017 game changers for creating successful, targeted marketing strategies:

1.   Social Media Advertising

Advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook come in a variety of forms. Often, they are designed to resemble native content, so it blends seamlessly into the newsfeed without disrupting the user experience. The social media audience is a passive audience rather than active. By advertising with a passive audience, companies increase their brand exposure and identity without the user actively searching for them. You can read more about passive vs active advertising HERE[L1] .

An advantage of social media advertising is the audience targeting options at their disposal. Advertisers can create their ideal audience by choosing a combination of geographical locations and areas, user interests, demographics, etc. No more budget wasted on viewers that will never engage with the ad. Advertisers can also target current followers with an offer or specially curated content to further them along your sales funnel, retarget website traffic to continue brand exposure, or encourage brand new prospects to ‘Like’ your page or driver vacancy.

2.   Video

Content Marketing covers a variety of activities including blogs, podcasts (listen to our podcasts), visuals, such as infographics, and the newest star on the scene: videos. Video is proving to be a compelling storytelling channel. HubSpot has found that videos posted via social media “generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined”. It’s hard to beat that kind of organic engagement and brand exposure.

The key to creating successful video content is like creating any other quality content – it must resonate with your intended audience and their goals. KJ Media has created several driver recruitment videos for clients that allow potential drivers to gain a better sense of the company before applying to a driver vacancy as well as seeing some of the faces behind their potential employer.

Expert tip: Using some of your current drivers in company videos will help with both the recruitment of new drivers and retention of current drivers.

3.   Personalization

With an increasing number of resources now being invested online, consumers are growing wary of mass marketing efforts. Personalization marketing is a marketing strategy used to create and deliver individualized messaging and offerings, which increases statistics across the board. For example, Experian found personalized promotional mailings had 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher individual click rates.

Personalization marketing gives the prospect a sense of identity amongst the masses. An individualized approach to each, will ensure leads are more likely to convert and remain loyal to your brand leading to future business. For example, use personalization in marketing and recruiting emails to increase your open and click rates. Personalization can also be used in a broader sense – if your company is looking for truck drivers in multiple locations, create an email customized to each area rather than one mass email.

If you’re looking to increase your business or add drivers to your roster, contact KJ Media today.

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