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Generate New Business

Increase your market share, regional or national.

Increasing overall growth has become more accessible than ever with digital marketing. However, growth starts with a sophisticated strategy that targets your ideal customer, wherever they are online.

  • How will you position yourself in front of prospects?
  • What media outlets will you utilize?
  • How will you nurture your prospects?

Let our combined 20+ years of digital marketing experience answer these questions for you. We will increase your prospect lists leading to increased annual revenue.

Fill Recruiting Quotas

Stop worrying about recruiting quotas with quality leads from KJ Media

The driver shortage and rising costs make qualified, professional truck drivers difficult to recruit and hire. Digital advertising, social recruiting, and lead nurturing campaigns are becoming the go-to tools for successful recruitment teams.

KJ Media finds your ideal drivers by creating a digital marketing mix customized for your hiring goals. Our lead generation service also saves your company money by avoiding the cost of hiring, equipping, managing and motivating an in-house lead generation team.

Do you want to keep your recruiters busy with quality candidates? Schedule a consult with us today!

Improve Company Culture

Truck driver retention is a constant battle for many transportation companies.

The average truck driver turnover rate is 95% compared to the average turnover rate of 30% for industry employees.

Driver engagement both on and offline plays a key role in retention. KJ Media’s social media management and driver consulting programs are a proven system for creating happier drivers, ultimately decreasing driver turnover rates.

Does your company want to beat the industry standard? Contact us today.

Recruiter Consulting

Building a Driver Recruitment Team that delivers results requires planning, execution, and management of multiple variables including:

  • Developing and building your companies brand
  • Establishing effective KPI’s that drive your team
  • Staff training on best practices to successful recruit truck drivers
  • Finding best ROI for media outlets

Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your recruitment team or tweak an existing program, take advantage of our 15+ years of driver recruiting experience.