Why Drivers Stay…

In today’s radio show drivers: Nuttybutty, Allen, Gagdet, and TimRing call in to give Tim and Jackie their reasons why they have all stayed with their companies through thick and thin. Though all four drivers come from different backgrounds, companies, and needs- the common theme between them all is: their companies offer respect, open door policies, and great coworkers.

Driver TimRing’s company also utilizes social media to stay connected with their drivers- no matter their location. Through weekly Youtube videos by their CEO and Facebook LIVE videos to answer any driver questions, drivers on the road and at home stay in-the-loop and engaged. Driver retention rates are no longer tied to just pay and equipment but now require drivers to feel respected.

KJ Media is a marketing company specific to the transportation industry priding ourselves on increasing driver recruitment and overall retention. Passionate about designing marketing campaigns to partner our drivers and customers within the transportation industry.

To learn more about our marketing approach to truck driver recruitment and retention please contact us today!

Be sure to listen to Kelly and Jackie live on Road Dog Trucking Radio, Sirius Channel 146, on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 AM.

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