Why Use Social Media for Driver Recruiting

As a result of the current truck driver shortage, recruiting truck drivers is top of mind for all recruiters. Using online marketing to create inbound leads is crucial, and there are many benefits to online marketing, especially for transportation companies in their efforts to recruit and retain qualified drivers. Social tools can help automate processes which can affect your department labor, cost per hire and traditional media spending.

Below is a list of benefits that can be brought to your company when combining recruiting truck drivers and social media:

  • Cost Savings: Reduces the cost of traditional media and the cost of agencies, particularly in a time of qualified truck driver shortage.

  • Access: Gain competitive information for future business needs and gain the ability to source critical or scarce skill sets. This information allows you to be proactive, building relationships that are responsive to your business needs and also giving you access to quality candidates.

  • Quality & Fit: Improves the quality of hire and not only your retention process but also increases your retention rate.

  • Competitive Advantage: Allows for companies to participate in common industry practices, keeping up with the pace and setting you apart from the competition.

  • Efficiency: Improves the flexibility and adaptability of your recruitment process. Giving companies the ability to reduce time to hire and improve the ability to measure performance.

  • Sustainability: Gives the capacity to provide candidates for critical projects and owning the channel to marketing.

Social media is about transparency, relationships and community. There are many social tools, but fundamentally, the principles are all the same. Online marketing is essential in recruiting truck drivers and retaining today’s driver. Every company should have an online marketing campaign if they want to attract the best candidates in the industry during a truck driver shortage.

Whether your social marketing goal is to increase brand recognition, fire up your driver community, or increase website traffic through social sharing, we will customize a unique marketing strategy and develop content that is alluring for both your drivers and customers based on your specific industry within transportation.

We boast one of the most extensive driver and operator followings in the nation; they rely on our team to deliver today’s most trusted transportation companies. We pride ourselves on creating partnerships with our clients and will customize a strategy for recruiting truck drivers that will reap the rewards you deserve.

Do you have a marketing company? If not give the KJ Team a call today at 800.620.996 or contact us online to discuss how we can help you address the truck driver shortage.

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