Why We Love Inbound Marketing for Filling Driving Jobs (and You Should, Too!)

Struggling with recruiting qualified truck drivers or attracting talent to fill critical driving jobs? Investing in inbound recruiting is a highly effective way to develop a pipeline of top-notch talent. Why spend time and resources seeking out great-fit hires when they can come looking for you instead?

Inbound marketing is all about connecting with an audience in their time of need. Whether they are searching for information about open driving jobs or need the answer to a basic employment question, with inbound marketing, you meet prospects exactly where they are by filling that immediate need. With this process, you can rethink your strategy for recruiting truck drivers by putting yourself in the driver’s seat.

What are truck drivers searching for right now? How do they Google open driving jobs? Discover the answers and meet those needs with your marketing—or your competitors will.

8 Pillars of Inbound Marketing for Recruiting Truck Drivers and More

Whether you want to appeal to job seekers or catch the eye of prospective clients, inbound marketing won’t happen by itself. These 8 pillars of inbound marketing create the foundation for an effective strategy.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps job seekers to find you online. Do you speak Google? Unless your content plays nice with search engines, your driving jobs could be buried on page 80.

2. Blogging is a critical component of a well-run website because search engines and site visitors love blogs. Blogging requires you to create fresh, educational content that helps visitors to connect with you and your business. Blogs help you to educate your audience and prove that your business is helpful and credible—a win-win as part of your strategy for recruiting truck drivers.

3. Harnessing social media means using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to broadcast your message to people interested in what you have to say, including users looking for driving jobs right now. Help new prospects find you and foster brand loyalty in existing followers.

4. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect with any audience. When people subscribe to your email list, they are asking to hear from you. You can reach them directly with special offers, educational content, and even details on open driving jobs. With effective email marketing, you can nurture leads and move prospects a notch closer to applying or investing.

5. Inbound marketing runs on content. You’ll need more than an occasional Tweet to make an impact: brainstorm how you can produce engaging blog posts, videos, infographics, images, and other resources on an ongoing basis that engage, inspire, and assist your target audience as they discover your brand. When you’re actively recruiting truck drivers, great content not only sparks interest from job seekers on Google but also reinforces why your company is a fantastic place to work.

6. Marketing automation and 7. Marketing analytics are two pillars that make inbound marketing work for you instead of the other way around. Don’t do the grunt work when you can automate instead. If you’re not sure how to set up an effective automation strategy or track your results through rich analytics, consider engaging a marketing partner that can.

8. Landing pages have one powerful purpose: to turn visitors into conversions with well-targeted content. Statistics show that 96% of your site visitors aren’t ready to apply for driving jobs yet. Instead of forcing them to digest content that they aren’t quite ready for, guide them through your site with a gentle touch using landing pages that speak to their immediate needs, concerns, and interests.

Achieving Inbound Integration

Marketing has evolved significantly since the heyday of radio, print, billboard, and TV outbound appeals. The web is an empowering tool for job seekers, and savvy businesses know that inbound marketing is a cost-effective and strategic way to attract and convert visitors, including ideal applicants for driving jobs.

It’s not enough to harness one or two inbound marketing pillars. For success in recruitment, lead generation, and other essential areas, your business must learn how to integrate these pillars into one comprehensive and dynamic marketing strategy. Appeal to first-time visitors, job seekers, and returning visitors with the right voice and approach to inspire action.

Get Help with Your Inbound Marketing

Does the prospect of rethinking your marketing strategy overwhelm you? There’s no reason to build your inbound marketing suite from the ground up all on your own.

Engage the KJ Team to help you understand, establish, and execute an inbound marketing strategy that will encourage top talent to approach you. Ready to revolutionize your capacity for impressing potential clients and recruiting truck drivers? Contact us today at 800.620.9967 or through our contact page.

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