3 Marketing Essentials for Driver Recruiting

Marketing and driver recruiting go together like peanut butter and jelly. While they may stand on their own, they are inherently tied at the hip. For most trucking companies, marketing is the largest source of their driver leads each month, making a well-rounded digital marketing strategy an essential part of the recruiting process.

Trucking is unique because of overarching marketing strategies, though each fleet has its own process and driver qualifications. Where fleets get into trouble is in peeking over the fence to gain insight. This would be like ripping a page out of Treasure Island and trying to copy and paste it into To Kill a Mockingbird. Sure they are both books, but that is where their similarities end.

The best course of action is to drill down to the core of your business and approach your marketing strategy from that angle. Taking the time to review your process, driver experience, and marketing strategy will create a culture of constant improvement.

Define Your Target Audience

Marketing to drivers can take a wide variety of paths. Some fleets with less stringent hiring qualifications have the luxury of opening their marketing strategy up to cast as wide of a net as possible. But what if you are a regional or local fleet? Or perhaps you have government contracts that make recruiting a bit tougher?

Start with defining your audience. Every carrier knows that they need drivers, even for the largest fleets that are still too wide of an approach. One thousand applications might seem significant until you realize that only 1% of those that applied actually meet your qualifications.

Having a narrowly defined audience might reduce the number of applications that your team receives in a given month, but the quality of the applicants will be much better. 25% of 100 is much easier to get through and will dramatically increase your hiring efficiency.

Nail Your Value Proposition

Back to our book analogy, how you sell your company to a driver is just as important as getting them through the door. Ghosting is a painful struggle within our industry, and billing your company as something that it is not is a way to exacerbate the issue.

The truth is that every fleet has a unique value that can bring high-quality candidates to your door. If you offer great home-time, lean into that. Plenty of drivers are looking to be home more frequently. Unsure of what your value proposition might be? Consult with your existing drivers. Find out what brought them to your company and why they have stuck around.

Not only will this provide insight to help with your marketing, but it is a great retention tool to keep capacity up.

Embrace Technology

If you haven’t noticed, driver recruiting and marketing tools have been improving rapidly over the last few years. With more and more options available, it can be a bit overwhelming. Most fleets struggle with A) content consistency or B) pipeline management. The good news is that technology now exists to remedy both of these issues.


Content is king, but consistency is his queen, and she wears the pants in the relationship. Between social media, job boards, and career sites, fleets have to juggle a lot of content and management. Facebook and tools like Hootsuite make managing content much more manageable and allow you the freedom to schedule content well in advance.

Pipeline Management

Are you still tracking all of your applicants through an Excel spreadsheet? We get, and who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet, but the fact is that these are rudimentary tools that can create unnecessary roadblocks within your recruiting process. Adopting a driver recruiting specific solution can help reduce the risk of drivers falling through the cracks and can help put drivers on the road fasters.

Tools like Tenstreet and DriverReach are changing the way that fleets manage their application process. Whether you are just looking for a digital application or needing a full-scale solution that will match your recruiting volume, these platforms can be used in various ways.

Aside from the standard applicant tracking mechanisms, they can also shed light on where your leads are coming from, allowing you to pivot your marketing strategy based on real-time data from your fleet.

Finding A Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing can be a catalyst to propel your fleet to new heights, but there are some challenges that every fleet faces. Creating a well-rounded digital marketing strategy can devour time and resources. Most small fleets do not have the bandwidth to take on the added workload. That is why most fleets outsource their marketing efforts to a dedicated team of professionals.

Whether you are looking for one driver a month or 100, KJ Media can help. Our team has been in the recruiter’s seat and knows the challenges that face modern driver recruiters. Offering white glove solutions, regardless of fleet size, we can help craft a rock-solid recruiting strategy that will help you stand apart from the competition. Connect with our team or visit our website to learn more.

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