Advantages of Pay-Per-Click Job Advertising for a Driver Vacancy

Pay-for-performance or pay-per-click (PPC) is a top method of recruitment advertising for companies that want a cost-effective way to post jobs online. Struggling with a driver vacancy? With traditional job boards, a company pays a flat fee to post jobs online, a strategy also referred to as the ‘post and pray’ model of recruitment advertising. There are no guarantees of visibility or candidate interest—in short, you could invest hundreds or thousands without reaching a driver solution.

Pay-per-click offers a flexible option through which companies only pay for the results that they secure during a driver vacancy. With PPC, you measure results by the number of times that a candidate chooses to view your job listing by clicking on the link, and that’s what you pay for: results.

Here are just a few advantages of PPC over traditional job board listings:

Customizable to Company Size and Budget

If paying upwards of $400 to post your job for 30 days doesn’t sound like a good investment, especially when there’s no guarantee that your listing will actually reach and be clicked on by potential candidates, running a PPC driver solution campaign based on your budget will allow you to better control your costs.

Only Pay When a Candidate Clicks on Your Job

PPC advertising costs are based on performance and are measured by number of views from candidates. With ‘post and pray,’ you pay the same amount whether you get a million clicks from interested candidates or none. With PPC, you only pay when an interested candidate actually clicks on your job posting.

New to the PPC field? Working with a company that offers proven results for PPC campaigns during a driver vacancy could be critical to your success. Your account manager can work with you to determine how to tweak your strategy for stronger results.

Trackable Results and ROI as a Driver Solution

With traditional job boards, you post your job for a month or two and cross your fingers. You have no insight into whether that money was well-spent unless you manually track how candidates heard about your driver vacancy. One of the biggest advantages of PPC advertising is visibility into your campaign’s success through tracking and reporting.

By partnering with KJ Media for your PPC recruitment driver solution, you can regularly track how many interested candidates have clicked on your driver vacancy job postings and see the number of applications that those candidates completed. Analytics gives you control over your driver vacancy budget and strategy so that you can make meaningful changes instead of anxiously waiting for applications.

1-Click Apply on Your Career Site

Connect with your job seekers directly and ensure that they can quickly and easily apply for a driver vacancy once they’ve clicked on the posting. Every time interested candidates click on sponsored jobs on Glassdoor, they are sent directly to the posting on your career site instead of reaching a third-party job board that may require a login or additional information. [L1] By maintaining a smooth and quick application process on your website, you can ensure that job seekers won’t be distracted or lose interest during the application process.

If you know that you need a lasting driver solution, but you aren’t sure how to unlock success with PPC on your own, partner with KJ Media. We’ll help you to develop dynamic PPC recruitment advertising solutions with measurable results. Contact us online or at 800.620.9967.

 [L1]I don’t understand the relevance of this statement to the piece. How do Glassdoor sponsored posts fit into PPC strategy?

 [L2]Not sure where these links should go, so I just left the text bolded and underlined for later insertion.

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