How to Convert Leads into Applications

At KJ Media, we have generated over 16,000 truck driver leads in 2017 to-date for our clients.

But what good is a driver lead if they don’t convert into an application?

Driver conversion from leads into applications is consistently listed as one of our client’s top roadblocks to driver hire. We work with them to develop the best driver nurturing practices possible to optimize their driving jobs conversion rates.

Below, we share some of our best and easiest tips to start increasing your driver conversion rate today.

1.   Responding same day

Drivers often apply to multiple jobs at a time leading to a rat race for recruiters. Calling or emailing a lead back immediately demonstrates several factors:

  1. You respect their time and their application

  2. Your company is serious about driver hire

  3. You set a good first impression

Setting an auto email responder is also an easy way to respond to leads. A simple message thanking them for their interest along with an approximate time a recruiter will be reaching out will set a great first impression.

2.   Nurturing driver leads

As we’ve spoken about before, some recruiting strategies, such as Facebook advertising, for driving jobs, are a passive approach. This means that leads may not be actively searching for a new job but are still curious about new opportunities. A recruiter may respond to a driver’s enquiry only to find out that the applicant isn’t currently looking. Creating an email nurturing campaign for these drivers will keep you top of mind as soon as they are ready to make the transition.

3.   Use current employees as brand advocates

One of the most innovative ways to passively recruit potential drivers is to turn your current drivers into brand advocates. Engaging, rewarding, and challenging current drivers will create happy employees who will, in turn, promote and share their positive experiences both online and in person.

4.   Engage online

Create a strong brand online through social media. Through your online content, your company will reflect its core values and demonstrate to potential drivers how you treat and interact with your employees. A Facebook full of posts with high driver engagement will do more for your recruitment efforts than just a career page on your website with basic information.

If you’re interested in not only increasing your number of driver leads but also increasing your driver hire, give us a call today at 800.620.9967 or request more information.

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