Why Your Company Needs a Great—Not Good—Website

If you’re going to have a website, you should make it a great one.

Dealing with a truck driver shortage and hoping to advertise driving jobs to potential candidates? At the most basic level, a great website is one that makes your audience want to do whatever it is that you want them to do—including applying for open positions.

Not everyone can produce and maintain a bleeding edge, award-winning site. For many businesses, it is more important that their site be simple, attractive, easy to use, and effective in giving visitors all the information that they need to take action.

The Principles of Great Website Design

Great websites big and small share the same principles. These principles help to bring the goal of offering a dependable, well-designed, effective, and attractive website within reach. The two most important principles for developing a great website are defining goals and strong planning.

Developing a great website is the same as every other project: before you can achieve the results that you want, you need to understand exactly what you are aiming for—and this fact is especially critical when you’re advertising truck driving jobs. Whether it’s in response to an immediate truck driver shortage or part of the planning process to reach a longer-term goal, ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my site?” Define what it is that you want people to do, from making a purchase to learning what your business values to attracting truck driver candidates. You need to know who your audiences are and what they want or need from your business.

The answer will inform everything else that you do with your website from on-page text to hierarchies and organization to which images you choose to use on each page. Everything that you do on the site should work towards your goal—including the development of appropriate landing pages to advertise driving jobs. Understanding this principle now will save you a lot of headaches during the design and content development processes.

Taking the Next Step During a Truck Driver Shortage

During a driver shortage, your priority should be displaying clear, easy-to-access information that appeals to your immediate audience: qualified drivers looking for driving jobs. Any potential candidate who arrives at your website should know where to click next, what your business stands for, and what they stand to gain by applying—and how to apply should be intuitive and clear, too.

Next, you can turn your attention to other goals and audiences. If you need more people to choose your business over a major competitor, engage your audience on personal level—let your personality shine through and offer content that they’ll love with smart social media integration. A personal touch turns customers into fans and loyal brand advocates. A blog or live Twitter feed can help to turn you into a trusted authority in your field or industry, while an eye-catching site design can create a mood or persona for your brand—a major bonus for attracting job applicants during a truck driver shortage.

There are just as many website solutions as there are needs. Not sure where to start? KJ Media can establish design site elements, content, functionality, and engagement that directly respond to your users’ wants and needs—including the interests of candidates seeking driving jobs right now. Contact us to learn how to get your website on track to achieving greatness.

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