Beyond Driver Appreciation Week


Tim and Jackie spoke to drivers today about what keeps them at their current company. And believe it or not just about pay and sign-on bonuses, it comes down to how you are treating your drivers.

Rooster called in and said that when he sees a sign on a bonus his first question is how long will it take to get paid out. He recommends companies look at mileage, stop pay, and a performance-based annual bonus. Otherwise, with a sign-on bonus, he is forced to “job hop” saying that sometimes he can make more money with sign-on bonuses.

Another driver Emily called in and said that she loves working at her company because there is an open-door policy with their drivers. She has a personal relationship with the president and feels valued. The president and operations team come into the driver lounge to talk to the drivers and really get to know them. Things have changed a bit during COVID -19 but recommends honoring your drivers not just on driver appreciation week but all year round.

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