Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

With 95% of today’s drivers now owning a smartphone and 65% using social media to find their next job, digital advertising offers an enormous advantage in locating and recruiting your target drivers.

There are two distinct platforms in which to reach these drivers: Social Media advertising and Google Advertising. Each platform is different in its advertiser-user relationship, and both can be combined to form a diverse driver hire strategy, but do you know how to utilize each one for the best results?

What is Facebook Advertising?

With 57% of drivers using social media to find their next job, advertising on Facebook offers an opportunity to reach a clear majority of drivers for your truck driver recruiting. Just how big is Facebook? As the largest social media platform with over 1.7 billion active monthly users and a trillion page views a month, Facebook offers a potential reach of 44% of the internet.

Advertisements for driver hire on Facebook appear in three places: the right side of the homepage, the homepage newsfeed, and on the mobile newsfeed. These ads are triggered by factors, including the audience’s online behaviors and interests, geographic location, and other identifiable factors making Facebook Ads perfect for truck driver recruiting.

Advantages of Facebook

1. Detailed Audiences options

Facebook’s targeting options allow advertisers to target specific audiences based on online interests and behaviors. Create Custom Audiences that match your ideal driver – effortlessly advertise to drivers within a specific radius or use your current driver email list to create a “Lookalike Audience” of drivers. If you don’t have a driver email list learn more about KJ Media’s email database of over 250,000 drivers. Advertisers can also target current followers and use messaging to encourage sharing the job posting with the truck driver in their life.

2. Highly visual Ads

Facebook ads are designed to blend into the user’s newsfeed and resemble native content. Facebook ads feature a picture which is more visually appealing to viewers and encourage engagement versus the traditional text ad offered by Google’s platform. Ads that use photos resonating with drivers typically outperform ads that rely on simple text.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a search network, including Google’s search engine and affiliate advertising network with over 3.5 billion daily searches, 180 billion searches a month and a potential reach of 90% of internet users. Over 95% of truckers now have a smartphone, meaning the internet and Google are right in their pockets – ideal for truck driver recruiting. Advertisements on Google Ads appear in the first three spots on the search results page and are triggered by the keywords searchers input in the search bar. The advertiser bids on specific keywords to help trigger their ad for the desired keyword.

Advantages of Google Ads

1. Largest available audience online

With a potential reach of over 90% of the internet, Google Ads offers the largest online reach of any digital advertising platform for driver hire. Google’s search network boasts over 40,000 search queries per second. With those kinds of numbers and strategically selected keywords, get your job posting out in front of numerous truckers.

2. Quality and Relevance of ad

Google’s algorithm determines ad appearance by the quality and relevancy of the ad text. The more relevant the words are to the matching keyword, the more favorable Google AdSense will view the ad.

What’s the Difference: Passive vs Active

The biggest difference between the two advertising networks is how the ads are triggered. On Facebook, advertisements are triggered by the user’s online behaviors and interests, while Google Ads are initiated by the keywords searched.

Google advertising relies on the user actively searching for exactly one of the keywords you have bid on, while advertising on social media, such as Facebook, allows your company to passively appear in front of potential customers, constantly increasing brand awareness.

For example, a nation-wide transportation company is looking to hire line haulers for their Atlanta-Nashville route. They use Facebook advertising to target users that live within an ideal 75 miles of Atlanta and have “Truck Driving” listed in their previous jobs – this strategy ensures that only local drivers with relevant experience see the ad and are more likely to respond – decreasing their Cost-per-Conversion and increasing their overall number of driver applicants. They use Google Ads to target drivers searching for “Truck driving jobs Atlanta, GA” or “Atlanta, GA truck driving”.

With these differences, Facebook advertising directs potential drivers to the advertiser while Google Ads helps the advertiser find potential drivers, ultimately improving their driver hire success rate.

Are you interested in utilizing Digital Advertising to find new drivers for your company? KJ Media can help you find your ideal driver- Contact us today.

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