Why Consistency is Key for Social Media Success

Social Media has grown in the trucking and transportation industry as the number of smartphones among drivers has increased, and the industry has grown its online presence. One of the more difficult parts of Social Media marketing is posting relevant and engaging content regularly and consistently, yet it is one of the most important aspects. A poorly run social media page is like a store with no hours posted – customers are less likely to support that business since they don’t know when it will be open and as a result, they take their business somewhere more reliable.

A consistent social media presence will keep your recruitment drive relevant, boost your brand authority within the industry, and create trust with followers by setting and meeting posting expectations.

1.   Stay Relevant

Brand relevancy can be defined as the ability to empathize with your target audience.  You can speak their language, understand their needs and desires and, most importantly, understand their problems and present a solution.  Possessing these abilities results in a brand that holds value and meaning for your ideal target market for driver hire.

Continuously sourcing and creating new social media content that fulfills the criteria listed above, leads to brand relevancy. By staying on top of industry news and trends, drivers and potential customers alike will be more likely to follow your profiles and like or share your content, meaning more potential business, driver applications and excellent results from your recruitment drive.

2.   Boost Brand Authority

Companies aim to be the first solution that pops into mind when a potential customer from their target market has a problem or when driver hire becomes a necessity.  Staying on the minds of your target market means being where they are, and that’s most likely on social media. By posting relevant content consistently, social media platforms such as Facebook will display your content more often on your followers’ newsfeeds. The more facetime your potential customers and drivers have with your content, the more likely they’ll think of your company when they have an issue or are looking for employment.

3.   Create Trust

Like good customer service, consistent posting schedules set expectations for your followers and once set, your company must continue to meet them.  If you post to Facebook daily for several months, your followers will come to expect that same schedule. If suddenly, you start posting once every couple of weeks, your followers’ trust will decline, which could result in an adverse effect on your trucker recruitment drive. Similarly, if your posting schedule is sporadic from the start, potential customers and drivers may view your social media profile, but then fail to even follow your page due to a lack of current and relevant posts.

If you’re interested in the benefits of a consistent social media presence for driver hire, contact KJ Media.

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