How to Outsource Your Truck Driver Recruiting Campaign

Modern truck drivers are inundated with options for employment. Look on any driver or operator recruiting website and you’ll grasp just how difficult it must be for truck driver hire candidates to know which company to call. The trucking industry is facing an alarming driver shortage, and truck driver recruiting, and retainment are becoming more challenging day by day.

Effective marketing requires true driver expertise. Understanding drivers, their demographics, their preferences, and the reasons why they choose to work for a specific truck company must be the lifeblood of your truck driver recruiting campaign.

Often, recruitment or human resource departments do not have the time or bandwidth to perform this type of diligence for driver hire. That’s why so many companies are outsourcing their driver recruitment marketing campaigns to true industry experts.

Top X Reasons Companies Outsource Truck Driver Recruiting Campaigns

Considering outsourcing recruitment for your business? Here are X reasons why other companies have made the switch.

1. To improve company focus. Outsourcing sets up a framework in which an outside expert assumes responsibility for cumbersome operational details, including driver recruiting marketing campaigns. That handoff leaves management free to focus on more important matters, including customer service and market demand.

2. To obtain world-class capabilities. Because of their specialization, outsource providers deliver an xtensive skillset to support any company’s driver hire and recruitment needs. Access to this leading-edge technology and expertise helps companies to easily increase their productivity.

3. To access an expanded talent pool. Your in-house marketing staff may not have the skills to successfully attract and recruit drivers. Outsourcing to an experienced marketing team that can integrate its capabilities smoothly into your organization not only brings in innovation and fresh energy but also unlocks high-level talent for your truck driver recruiting campaign.

4. To share responsibility. Outsourcing enables management to turn over certain responsibilities, including sustaining the constant pressure of driver demand. The right outsourcing provider can spread those responsibilities across multiple departments to draw from extensive industry knowledge throughout the process without overtaxing management.

5. To reduce overhead. By engaging an outsourcing firm that specializes in driver recruitment, businesses can avoid or reduce the cost of engaging multiple outside firms to fulfill one purpose.

6. To get an outside perspective. An easily overlooked advantage of outsourcing your marketing is that the team you’ll engage won’t be a product of your company’s existing culture. No matter how dedicated and engaged management may be in meeting a company’s recruitment goals, it’s possible to become “too close” to a business—too involved to step back and analyze strategies from a driver’s perspective. A driver hire and recruitment marketing team can supply the critical objective viewpoint that is often difficult for a company’s executives to maintain.

7. To obtain resources that are not available internally. Outsourcing a driver recruitment campaign is often a viable option for companies that are experiencing rapid growth, expanding into new geography, or undergoing spin-offs from a parent company. Access a fresh but dependable knowledge base by engaging an outside partner that won’t crumble under internal shifts and challenges.

8. To deal with control problems. Companies tend to cite issues with management and control as their number-one reason for outsourcing. Shift gears by engaging a supportive and experienced marketing team that gently takes control out of one individual or team’s hands.

Build Real Value with Reliable Outsourced Recruiting

From deeper talent pools to fresh perspectives, outsourcing your driver recruitment marketing campaign delivers real value. Outsourcing this essential facet helps your business to unlock efficiency and functionality as you market to an increasingly in-demand and difficult-to-reach driver audience.

Looking for support beyond truck driver recruiting?

Whether your goal is to increase brand recognition, ignite your driver community, or boost website traffic through social sharing, our team can customize a marketing strategy to address the unique concerns and targets of your business. We can partner with you to develop content that is well-suited to your sub-industry and alluring for both drivers and clients.

If you’re ready to roar past your internal marketing frustrations, give the KJ Team a call today at 800.620.9967 or use our contact page.

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