How to Recruit Truck Drivers with Google Ads

Recruiting qualified truck drivers is becoming a critical function for almost all trucking companies. The war on talent and truck driver shortage has become a priority topic among the industry as a whole. It seems that there are just not enough highly qualified truck drivers in the market that can keep up with this demanding role that is crucial for companies wanting to expand and grow.

Traditional recruitment channels have started falling by the wayside and are no longer sufficient. Companies cannot find enough qualified truck drivers through newspaper ads and job posting websites alone.

Many companies have started advertising open positions using Google Adwords, and it has turned out to be a very valuable tool to attract qualified truck drivers.

Here are some interesting aspects of Google AdWords that make it an attractive prospect to supplement traditional recruitment media:

  • You can be very targeted. You can choose specific keywords, geographic regions, age groups, and websites where your ads appear.

  • Since it’s not as prevalent, you may not have to compete with other competitors as you do on job posting portals.

  • You can optimize your slogans and taglines ‘on the fly’ based on real campaign performance data.

  • At the same time as you do recruitment, you also do branding. Truck drivers may see your job ad, click through and land on your website.

  • If Drivers don’t click, you don’t pay, but you still have the branding effect as people can see your company name appearing in the ad.

To make a Google AdWords recruitment campaign successful, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Effective ad text. The most important aspect is to write compelling advert text. This aspect can be challenging as your word count will be limited. However, if you don’t get it right, you either won’t get many clicks, or you will get too much non-qualified traffic, meaning people that you would never hire, may click on your ad. By optimizing the ad text, it’s possible to increase traffic by more than four to six times. Consider the following:

    • Say something about the target audience.

    • State the offer clearly.

    • Avoid any ambiguous wording so that you get only traffic that you want.

  • Effective landing page. Once the potential truck driver clicks on the ad, he or she expects to find information about the vacancy that you advertised. Therefore, develop a well-structured page on your website that describes the open position in detail. Don’t confuse the candidate by pointing the text to your home page or an overview job opening page. The audience should directly get to the page with the advertised position – in one click only.

  • Ease of contact: Make contacting you as easy as possible. At best, provide a link with an email address directly in the job ad. Especially the best candidates will appreciate it if you don’t waste their time for finding out how to contact you. Good truck drivers are usually very busy and on the road.

The significant advantage in the digital world is that you can measure everything. If you set up a Google Analytics account, you can track the performance of every single text ad that you launch precisely.  With tracking, you can get valuable insight on how to write your job advertisements most effectively and even use this insight to optimize your offline newspaper ads.

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