How To: Increase Driver Retention through Social Media

Employee loyalty equals employee retention. What better way to keep your employees engaged than through social media? Unlike most jobs situated in offices, truck drivers lack the day to day employee/employer interaction that often keeps an employee engaged and loyal to their company. While some employees may be hesitant to interact with their employers on social media, laying out ground rules beforehand can help alleviate those concerns.

Consider the following:

  • Employee-Only Page or Group: You may already have an account for your business that is focused on marketing to customers but consider creating a page or a group geared to employees only. This page can be used to communicate with them and enabled streamlined communication on channels that aren’t used for marketing. Promote this page on employee assets so that you can build a following – consider an incentive to joining (i.e. chance to win a $25 gift card). Give them a reason to join.

  • Employee Spotlight: Consider dedicating one day a week to highlighting truck driver on social media. Have a set of questions, which you can keep simple – less is more after all – to ask the employees. Make it fun and learn a little bit about them. Include their picture with their answers and post for clients and employees alike to see. This strategy will enable your employees and others to see how much you value them and that you want to learn more about them as individuals.

  • Listen to Employees: A truck driver will likely use social media to air their appreciation and frustration. Make sure you monitor your pages and listen. Beyond that, make sure you’re reaching out with a response. By listening and considering the proactive measure of asking questions to employees on social media, it can ultimately save you money by showing you which plans and programs your employees value or don’t appreciate, while offering you a driver communication solution.

  • Reinforce the Rewards: Use social media to communicate the rewards of working for your organization without tooting your horn. Use it to incentivize and motivate employees, both in the office and the truck driver out on the road. Perhaps there’s an employee-only contest every two weeks, or a mention of key achievements attained by the organization or individual employees. Use it to cheer employees on and reward them.

There are many ways to keep employees engaged through social media; the above examples are only a few. Keeping employees engaged and happy is the key to keeping them onboard. Less turnover means keeping more of your dollars and vested time. Contact us today to learn more about retaining your truckers and growing your business.

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