Why Social Media is the New Craigslist

In 1999, a small website was started in San Francisco that featured free classified ads and is now a household name- Craigslist. From furniture to jobs, to personal ads, Craigslist boasts an enormous 50 billion page views a month. But with the rise of social media and the truck driver shortage in the transportation industry, is it still a productive method for finding and hiring truck drivers?

Below are three main reasons why more trucking companies are finding more, and better, drivers through social media advertising for their driving jobs:

1. Passive vs Active Job Hunters

You no longer have to rely solely on drivers stumbling upon your job ads. One of the biggest pitfalls of Craigslist is it only attracts viewers who are actively searching for employment. While you may be thinking, “That’s perfect, I only want to spend the time and money on people who are looking for jobs!”. However, with the trucking industry experiencing a truck driver shortage, quality drivers rarely lack for jobs. Therefore, they typically are not searching on job boards or on Craigslist, and when they are, they are snapped up quickly.

Social Media posts and ads allow your company to get out in front of drivers even when they are passively searching and increases your brand recognition, so the driver already has your company in mind when they do start considering new employment.

Add-in the sharing aspect of social media, and your ad reach can go even farther. You can configure your ad settings to not only reach your target market those seeking driving jobs but also people like them, such as friends and family who can see the ad and pass it along to the drivers in their lives.

2. Rising Cost-per-Conversion

With social media, your company can reach vast numbers of people through either organic growth, “boosting” your posts or advertising. Craigslist, on the other hand, is location focused. If your company has multiple locations, is nationwide, or your direct area covers several Craigslist cities, you’re required to post, and pay, manually to every location you wish to target. Multiple emails and confirmations later, your job ad is finally posted. With social media platforms such as Facebook, their ad network is much more sophisticated and allows you to easily reach precisely who you want to reach, no matter the location of your driving jobs.

Your job advertisements’ Cost-per-Conversion not only rises with Craigslist’s time-consuming posting process, but also because of the follow-up work. You have probably received emails from job prospects that are poorly written and contain little to no detail, leaving you more work to flush out whether this person matches all your hiring criteria and if they’re a quality hire. Social Media allows you to automatically send potential prospects to a specially designed landing page to flush out poor quality candidates and send forward only those that would be a fit for your company- decreasing your Cost-per-Conversion.

3. Connect with High-Caliber Drivers

Social media is a way to connect directly with high-caliber drivers. From both the job searcher and hiring company’s point of view, Craigslist can be difficult to put your best foot forward and communicate your best features. For companies seeking truck drivers, you need to write a compelling, attractive job advertisement to draw quality drivers, which can be a time-consuming process. Job seekers often see a vague ad with a few sentences and an anonymous email as a contact or phone number. Neither situation inspires nor encourages either party’s enthusiasm in the hiring process.

With social media, transparency and authenticity are easily deliverable with your company’s page and info readily available. Drivers can easily find out more about your company- its history, goals, and culture. We’ve talked before about how aligning expectations in the hiring process, in our podcast HERE[L1] , can help not only the recruitment of drivers but also their retention. A Social Media ad alone can convey much about your company’s brand simply with relevant images and colors. With this increase in transparency and authenticity, your company is more likely to receive applications from qualified and more drivers than using Craigslist.

Want to learn more about how social media advertising can quickly generate more leads for you to counter the truck driver shortage? Contact us for a free half-hour consultation!

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