5 Tips to Build Your Brand with Social Media

Have you ever unfollowed a business, organization, or even a friend on Social Media? Most likely, you have, and most likely, it was due to irrelevant or annoying content, an inauthentic voice, or inconsistent brand. Creating a brand for your business can be difficult but is well worth the effort. Below we discuss five ways to help build your social media brand.

1.  Be consistent across your social media platforms

Post consistently on all your social media platforms – your followers like to know what to expect. Don’t feel that you must sign up for every social media platform out there – determine where your audience is located and use those platforms to discuss your driver vacancy. For example, if your audience is Males (35-50), your audience is more likely to be on Facebook rather than Instagram or Snapchat. Pick two to three platforms and create a monthly social media content calendar to plan your content in advance. This will save you lots of time and frustration later trying to post every day.

2.   Use the 30/30/30 rule

While you want to use social media to promote your business, your followers don’t want a giant advertisement popping up on their newsfeed constantly. The 30/30/30 rule is 30% of your posts should be entertaining, 30% should provide value to your followers, such as advertising a driver vacancy, and 30% should be promotional. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, test out different balances to find what resonates for your audience. You may end up with 20/30/50, but 30/30/30 is a great place to start.

3.   Use Influencers

Social Media is all about networking! Much like how Nike uses athlete endorsements to promote their products, you can do the same for your industry. Do some research and see who your target audience is following on social media – it may be an individual providing quality content or an organization that is involved in your industry. Start developing an online relationship with the influencer by actively engaging with their content – after some time you can reach out and propose a mutually beneficial recruitment drive that gets your service or product in front of your audience via the influencer.

4.   Build your audience organically- don’t buy lists

While it may be tempting to buy a list of followers from a service, often you may waste money on a dud list. Very often, these lists are full of fake profiles or consist of people that ultimately have no interest in what your business has to offer leaving you with many followers but low-to-no engagement. Would you rather have 1,000 followers and 1% engagement or 300 followers and 10% engagement? True fans of your page are better ambassadors for your brand by engaging with your posts by sharing, liking, and commenting on a driver vacancy.

5.   Develop your voice

In a perfect world, we would know our brand’s voice right from the outset. A strong voice for your brand and business takes years to develop – fret not–the most critical step is getting started. In the chart below, you can see four distinct areas of what makes up a brand’s social media voice. Determine what mix of the options below would resonate best with your target audience and reflect those choices in your posts, content, and recruitment drive.

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