Retain More Drivers with a Simple, Monthly Email

A lack of connection and engagement can be a leading factor to drivers seeking out other employment.  With drivers all out on the road, it can be difficult for them to remain connected to and engaged with their parent company. They’re busy while driving and don’t want to be bothered while at home with family and friends. A simple solution for companies to remain connected and retain more of their drivers is to send out a monthly email with specially curated content for truckers.

Below are eight content ideas and suggestions to create a killer driver email solution:

1.   Introduce Your New Drivers!

Include a picture and short bio for each new truck driver.  This driver solution provides an opportunity to tell your current employees about the new driver and their relevant experience and skills. Current drivers can understand what the new driver brings to the company in addition to supplying credibility to the new driver.

2.   Feature a Driver

Help drivers feel more appreciated by highlighting one truck driver every month. Similar to introducing new drivers, featured drivers should include a picture, bio, and a short series of questions.  These questions can vary from their professional background (such as number of years driving) to more light-hearted questions such as dream vacation spot or their hometown.

3.   Company Bulletins

Keep your drivers up-to-date with a list of company updates over the past month.  Updates can include number of miles driven the previous month, new contracts, personnel changes, any important company changes, birthdays, and work anniversaries.  When drivers and employees feel more involved with the company, they will be more likely to stay longer.

4.   Photos by Drivers

Help create a truck driver community by encouraging drivers to send in their photos from the road! Feature five to six photos a month and include the driver’s name and where the photo was taken.  Drivers can see where their colleagues have been and will want to share their own photos. Set up an email address purely for drivers to email photos to for simplicity.

5.   Encourage drivers to follow you on social media

Include a quick call-to-action encouraging your drivers to follow your company on social media.  More drivers following your company means higher engagement on your posts and increases your pool of potential drivers from the likelihood of current drivers sharing job postings with their friends.

6.   Ask drivers for their input

Adding a suggestion box or poll to the email will help to ensure that the monthly email will include content that your drivers want to see. Asking their opinions will also make the drivers feel valued and add to their retention.

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